TOYO ITO : ON THE STREAM, Power Station of Art

▶︎Video Installation
Video Production:
Eikoh Tanaka
Exhibition Organizer: Power Station of Art
Exhibition Design: Toyo Ito Associates, Architects
Relax Globe Construction: Maruhachi Tent Corporation+ Shanghai CHANGE Design Construction Co.,Ltd.
Relax Globe Fabric Design: Yoko Ando
MUSIC : Taro Ishida(Youtube ver.)
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▶︎ Interview

Video Production: Eikoh Tanaka
MUSIC : Taro Ishida
Filming/Editing/MotionGraphics : Eikoh Tanaka

Installation View @PSA/Photo:Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
Continuing a recent run of top-notch architecture exhibitions, Power Station of Art turns its attention to Pritzker prize-winning Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The show outlines the architect’s research-focused process through models, images, and drawings.