Selected the Residence Artists 2019 for Artists in Residence Project “Micro Happening” at Artists’ Retreat no-mu

Selected the Residence Artists 2019
After the careful selection, we decided to invite these11 artist. (Artist, Architect, Chef, Japanologist, Entrepreneur etc)

A: January 15th – February 4th, 2019
・Benedicto Marinas / Chef, Author, Photographer, and Culinary Researcher/New York, USA
・Ksenia Kopalova / Artist, Illustrator / Zhukovsky, Russia
・Philo Ouweleen / Artist, Japanologist / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
・Rina Nakano / Artist / Oita, Japan
・Yuichi Oda / Entrepreneur / Kyoto, Japan

B: February 7th – February 27th, 2019
・Anaïs Descarpenterie / Artist / France, Paris
・Betsy Dadd/Artist / London, UK
・Christine Cheung / Artist / Berlin, Germany
・Florence Roche / Ceramist / Paris, France
・Ho Sweet Woon / Architect / Singapore
・Shiro MASUYAMA / Artist & Board director, Flax Art Studio / Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

About Residence Artists 2019
| Artists in Residence Project “Micro Happening” is now going on.
Artists’ Retreat no-mu – the vacation house which is composed of several self-renovated old Japanese style houses in Kameoka city that is located in the suburb of Kyoto, started the artists in residence project. 11 participants from 10 countries are invited who are artists, chef, architect, Japanologist, entrepreneur and the other creators from various fields to stay and view its various issues of this town from a different perspectives.
| After this, they are going to open this vacation house as a place where the visitors relive their experience through the archives of records of participants – artists, chef, architect, japologist, entrepreneur and the other creators from various fields.

Artists’ Retreat no-mu

Anaïs Descarpenterie
Artist / France, Paris
MA National School of Fine Arts of Paris, 2018, Born in France in 1990, of Algerian origin Anaïs Descarpenterie lived her first eleven years in Tokyo. After having studied textile design, she began to take an interest in sculpture and installation and joined the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where she graduated in 2017. Today, she realizes many pieces in situ at the scale of the landscape with as a unit of measure her own body

Benedicto Marinas
Chef, Author, Photographer, and Culinary Researcher / New York, USA
Benedicto Marinas, a published author, is a classically trained chef (Le Cordon Bleu) with a certificate in Journalism (New York University), and a university diploma in Gastronomy (Universite de Reimes). He has attended University of Adelaide’s graduate program in Gastronomy. He is traveling around the world for his current project.

Betsy Dadd
Artist / London, UK
MA Animation, Royal College of Art, 2013, I am an artist who works in experimental moving-image. This encompasses drawing, animation, film, sequence, sound, rhythm, cine-poetry, multi-channel video, and physical installation. I use these mediums to document landscapes and locations undergoing change. Working alongside communities and collaborating with others is often an important part of my creative process.

Christine Cheung
Artist / Berlin, Germany
2006 MFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Christine Cheung is a Canadian artist and cultural organizer living in Berlin. Her work has dealt largely with collective memory and perceived mythology through the visual representation of places, and unconscious states. These range from paintings, to collaborations involving calligraphic water in public spaces to found object installations exploring the relationship between memory and tactile, physical experiences.

Florence Roche
Ceramist / Paris, France
MA Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. I’m a parisian ceramist after having worked during nearly 20 years in communication and digital marketing sectors. I like to design and create objects and sculptures with clay, using wheel throwing or molding Skills. I intend to push porcelain or stoneware to their material limits, work with the unpredictability of the fire, and create new shapes from ancestral patterns.

Ho Sweet Woon
Architect / Singapore
Ho Sweet woon established her Singaporean architectural practice Forum Architects with her husband in 1994. The firm’s works range from master planning and healthcare, institutional, multi-user residential, commercial and hospitality developments, to religious buildings and private homes. The works strive to incorporate local elements into architecture in a way that remains relevant to a global audience. She believes that in a world of limited resources, paring down to the essentials can bring value and style to the community and the environment.

Ksenia Kopalova
Artist, Illustrator / Zhukovsky, Russia
Ksenia is an artist who explores the notions of place, locality and living environment using traditional media and craft. She also works as an art teacher and an illustrator creating graphics for web and print media in Russia and abroad. The list of her clients includes GQ Russia, Yandex, Adidas, Nina Ricci Perfume, Leroy Merlin, Vkontakte, Sberbank etc.

Philo Ouweleen
Artist, Japanologist / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Philo Ouweleen (1992) works in the cultural sector as a Japanologist specializing in Japanese art and media. MA University Leiden Asian Studies. Her interest in Japanese visual culture is reflected in her art. Philo’s style is characterized by its bold (out)lines and flatness, inspired by manga, anime, and ukiyo-e. She works with mixed media on paper.

Rina Nakano
Artist / Oita, Japan
2013 BFA in Photography, California State University Long Beach, CA, Japanese born artist who uses photography and performance as the main mediums of expression. Due to living in L.A for 8 years, my inspirations mainly come from issues of identity, miscommunication, and internet connectedness. My recent works involve polaroid portraits shot in Japan, Taiwan, and the U.S.

Artist & Board director, Flax Art Studio / Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Born in Tokyo (1971). Masters of Architecture, Meiji University, Japan (1997). His artistic practice, as well as his life, have been developed with attending numerous residencies all around the world. Since 2010 he has been based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Board director, Flax Art Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2013-).

Yuichi Oda
Entrepreneur / Kyoto, Japan
Ph.D. program without dissertation, Graduate School of Agriculture. Kyoto University. When I was Ph.D. I researched the method for predicting the flying area of a drone by pattern matching satellite data and date drone itself gets. By utilizing that technology now I am doing startup which research and develop a general map for robots. That map will make the world programmable. Through my job, I realize art is a very essential activity for the human. I want to discuss several topics with artists and get inspiration from them, then I also share my small insight of the society.

Project Supporter

Aki Makita
Web designer and Graphic designer / Berlin, Germany / Tottori, Japan
Graduated BA (Hons) Graphic and media design course, London College of Communication, UAL in 2009. Currently, she works as a freelance Web designer. She is also a member of OMEN a Japanese subculture and handmade craft team based in Berlin, and co-founder of alt-a textile brand established in London.

Takuya Yamaguchi
Photographer/Osaka, Japan