This Photo installation was created while participating in artist-in-residence program of Atlier Mondial in Basel. Tokyo Wander Site Exchange Residency Program
バーゼル、アトリエモンディアルでのアーティストインレジデンシープログラムにて滞在中に制作された写真インスタレーション。トーキョーワンダーサイト 平成29年度二国間交流事業プログラム


Basel is a city in Switzerland borders on France and Germany. I was confused where am I when I arrived at Basel Airport. There were signs of exits to France, Germany and Switzerland. The transportation to the city is very smooth and I didn’t realized when I crossed the border even the airport was located in France. I might be caught up in a stereotype of nations and its bounderies.Japan and Japanese citizen are always facing to tense news of neighbour countries such as firing of missile, ships invade Japanese waters and territorial dispute about some islands. I have been thinking that boundaries always have some problems and shadows. There are always lofty walls, barbed wires and soldiers who are protecting them in my memories and informations, such as DMZ between North and South Korea I visited with my friends, fall of the Berlin walls I watched on the TV when I was child, airstrikes and Israeli West Bank barrier, oneday remark of President Trump, an artwork I saw somewhere, in some films I watched once.

I saw around the borders in Basel with my camera. There were beautiful forests, farms, rivers and people were spending their time lying on the lawn, sunbathing, jogging and walking with their dogs.