Open call for Artists in Residence Project “Micro Happening” at Artists’ Retreat no-mu

Artists in Residence Project “Micro Happening”
at Artists’ Retreat no-mu
= DEADLINE IS DEC 5TH , 2018 (Japan Time)=

Open call for an artist residency program in Kameoka city in 20 minutes distance from Kyoto city.
<亀岡市の風景 / ブログ 京都風景 霧の亀岡市 より>

A 100-year-old traditional Japanese house and the other two houses would be accommodations which were built by his great-grandfather and renovated by a Japanese artist Eikoh Tanaka  .

He brought back to life these empty houses he grew up and currently runs as guest house. In this winter, he will open these houses for artists and any creators to stay.

Unlike Kyoto city, this town involves various issues such as aging population, abandoned houses, and town development what most Japanese suburbs are seriously facing with. It would be a valuable moment to reconsider it from other perspectives from all over the world.

1: Residency duration

A: January 15th – February 4th, 2019
B: February 7th – February 27th, 2019
Describe which period you can’t join.
We will adjust the schedule for each artist.


Applicants must:
・be able to follow the regulations of the facility.
・be able to speak and understand either Japanese or English.


We will provide:

・accommodation ( Location )

  1. Shared house OMOYA:2 bedrooms. One is with two double beds and the other is with one double bed. The kitchen and dining will be used as a common area for all artists.
  2. Shared house ZIKKA:2 bedrooms with a double bed each.
  3. Private house KITA:1 bedroom with a double bed.

*All houses have own kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and toilet.

*All artist must pay Utilities fee: A) Shared house OMOYA : 15,000yen / B) Shared house ZIKKA : 10,000yen / C) private house KITA : 20,000yen ※per person ※for one period A or B

・Project follow-up

*We will not provide any studios.This residency program would be fit for researching, video works, photographies, design, music etc.

4: All residents are responsible for

・Utilities fee
・Flight tickets
・Transport and shipping of artworks, materials and tools
・Food and private expenses
・Materials for production
・It would be very happy if participants could help Eikoh to repair the houses

5: Notes

・Any expenses exceeding the support must be covered by the artist.
・Family and partner are acceptable (maximum 2 people, we offer 1 double bed per artist ).

6: How to apply

= DEADLINE IS DEC 5TH , 2018 (Japan Time)=
Email a PDF document outlining your CV, links to your creative portfolio, website,  and the list of requirements below→

Please ensure you state:

– Your goals as an artist in residence
– Why you want to apply to this Residency Program
– How you will engage with the local context while you’re in the town
– Which duration you’re unavailable


7: Contact

Eikoh Tanaka
※ Please send an attachment through google doc etc or with Facebook.

<保津川の風景 / 保津川下りの船頭さんより>