Born in Kyoto, I grew up touching with peaces of Japanese histories and traditions.To be fascinated with Japanese primitive cultures, I have visited many of places where are known as places for faith practice since ancient time. I gradually came to think that I want to catch the light of invisible relations and stories between human and nature.Animism is shown in many of primitive beliefs all over the world. Fear to nature created various cultures.The sun is a symbolic energy for both belief and photography. It takes 8 minutes for the light which is generated from nuclear fusion of the sun to fall onto the earth.That is to say, this moment we can capture is projected by the sun light of the past.A hole of a pinhole camera in my hands catch the moment, space and myself to films; It materialize them with quantum phenomenon of tiny photons. It seems like light sculpture on thin films.



Amenoiwato Shirine,Kyoto,2014 御座石、天岩戸神社、京都


Koutai-shirine,Kyoto,Japan 2014 京都、皇大神社、日室ヶ嶽